Services exports of goods and cargo from Russia (customs broker clearance of export)

The current economic situation in our country, which led to a sharp weakening of the ruble, is definitely a crisis for Russian business, and especially for importing companies. At the same time, as we know, the crisis — a time of opportunity, the products of Russian origin fell sharply and become very attractive in the global market.

With the apparent stagnation among importers, quite the opposite situation occurs with the Russian exporters. Foreign consumers gladly switched to Russian suppliers because of their proposed low price.

Clearance and transportation services exports from Russia

Our company offers comprehensive services for customs clearance of exports. If you need to export the goods from the Russian Federation, you can order from us with transportation or export selected export clearance at customs.

Customs clearance of export operations carried out on the TP Kashira, ILO (near Domodedovo).

For regular long-term customer registration of your company at the customs post, we provide free of charge.

In addition to the preparation of the customs declaration in the «EC», we also carry out a full audit of the documents, including contract, in order to avoid difficulties in the design. Also, you can get a free initial consultation for the preparation of financial documents and VAT refunds for export.

Terms in obtaining export from Russia

Export registration is made ​​within one day. If you want to use your own transport, you only need to agree on the date of arrival of the truck at the customs. Of course, you should be warned beforehand about the registration of your company at the customs post and receiving electronic signature.


We support a flexible pricing system. For streaming clients (at least 3-4 transportation units / month) the cost of our service starts from 450 euros!

Please note that many brokers voiced only the cost of their services, not including the cost of the services of TSW and other expenses. We refer you to the final amount (including all items of expenditure, including temporary storage). After signing the contract with us, you do not need anything extra.

What is included in the service (including outsourcing exports)

  • Complete and professional analysis of primary documents required for export of the goods;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the contract;
  • Development of logistics schemes, the organization of international carriage of Russia abroad;
  • Check for «netarifku», ie the need for any special permits for export of the goods;
  • Calculation of costs and charges payable to the budget;
  • Preparation of the customs declaration for the goods and supply it to the Customs;
  • Control registration of the declaration by the customs authority;
  • Export to outsourcing, ie On behalf of the company (only for constant stream of customers).

Our company is not engaged in the export of small parties or export of cargoes. Export of small parties of cargoes or only possible to separate the supply of low-tonnage transport.

Leave your request now and get the best anti-crisis proposal for export clearance. Individual offer for you, we will prepare within 2 hours after receiving the initial information.